Tuesday, October 7, 2014

just mine.

thousand ways to define happiness. mine just happen to be you.

Friday, August 22, 2014


misi dan visi utk naik sem nanti.

misi nombor satu, diet.
cakap pasal diet. diet aku yang dulu tak menjadi sebab kurang kesedaran dan motivasi.

misi nombor dua, potong rambut.
benda memang da lama nak buat. tp tu la, sekali potong 30ringgit. dalam kegawatan ekonomi ni, mamak barber je bole x?

misi nombor tiga, tukar tali gitar.
ni benda paling malas nak buat. main pun xreti tapi maintenance kena jaga. pundek betul.

misi nombor empat, pergi semua lecture.
set jam dua jam awal. sejam buat lengah-lengah. lagi sejam mandi siap pergi kelas. jangan lupa tidur awal. tidur yang mencukupi membantu minda menjadi lebih cerdas pada esok hari.

okay cukup pasal misi. visi plak.
ape kejadah nya visi ni sebenarnya.xda visi-visi. misi je da cukup.

*entry paling xda wawasan minggu ni.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


 yes, no, maybe, i dont know.. 
can you repeat the question?

you're not the boss of me now,
you're not the boss of me now,
you're not the boss of me now,
and you're not so big..
you're not the boss of me now,
you're not the boss of me now,
you're not the boss of me now,
and you're not so bigggg...

life is unfair..

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

seukir senyuman paling tak ikhlas

layanan manusia terhadap kau yang bukan berkerja kat kampeni mak bapak memang macam celaka. aku yang kini intern disebuah firma xterkemuka mula mencarik-carik realiti manusia. kebenaran adalah busuk macam sampah. manusia yang kau jumpa bagaikan parasit. consuming u. dan aku benci dengan hari-hari aku terpaksa berhadapan dengan mereka. aku bagai anak emas di kampeni mak bapak. di kampeni orang lain, aku bagai anak tiri. pukimak perangai manusia. aku mula rindu kerja remeh yang bapak aku bagi masa kerja dengan dia. aku mula rindu bebelan mak masa aku kerja dengan dia. sekurang-kurangnya diorang marah penuh ikhlas. dengan niat menjadikan aku manusia lebih baik. di sini, aku dimarahi sbb bos nak rasa tunjuk kuasa. semua orang nak berkuasa pada golongan yang obviously has no power against them. jiwa remaja aku mula rebel. darah aku naik. tapi aku cuma mampu bagi renungan tajam. penuh dendam. kang aku buat khianat baru tau. puih!

rentetan dari hari gelap aku beberapa bulan lepas.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

like a stone- audioslave

really, this is the thousand times u did this to me. i don't know why im such an easy target for u. i hate to be emotional bout this cause supposedly im already used to this, but i don't, somehow. idk why. if u cant appreciate my presence then i shall dissapear.

you know, action speaks louder than words.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

sometimes, it is easier to be alone than to have all the company but no one really present in your mind.

in the void we trust

If I died, no one will ever benefits from the shit I wrote. This place right here, I laid down my contemplation, a memoir of time that I’ve lost. I can’t believe how much time has passes by. And how little have I change. I fought with a figment of my own self issue and I never won. At some point, I just want a rest. I just want to take a break. A long pause. But, time is no gentleman. Time leave us. And it leave us fast. Like once it got one step further and never look back. And I am still standing here, watching it goes with everything I care most. Hopeless, helpless. And the more i think of it, the closer i am to despondency. I need drugs. Prescribed non prescribed whatever. I need something to make me forget. Something to make me feel again.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

we dont have control over everything, anything.

i keep a plant in room just to make my room feel lively. but recently, my plant show a dying symptom. i dont know what i did wrong. i watered my plant every day without miss. the leaves are yellowish now and some gets dry. i cant help but feeling sad. and angry. why is it dying?! why?!
i cannot control life. i dont have that kind of power. all i can do is trying to preserve it as long as it may be. just dont die now plant. it'll lonely when u r gone.

Friday, April 18, 2014

the art of letting go.

okay im fully awake now.

check ig just now. smile a little. funny troops. james franco and his sick jokes. also some friends posting gambar ntah pape. i feel lighter now that im no longer sleepy. i dont usually feel this way especially early in the morning. dont wanna guess why.

i dont know what to write, basically im just mumbling over here. did i say good morning guys. nope? so yeah, good morning guys. i dont know why i feel nervous. mcm nak bg public speaking plak. random talking early in the morning is normal la kan? kan?

i've been stalking people for the past few years. i did that out of curiosity at first. but then it became habitual. i dont really feel anything now. just the liking of knowing people that i do not know. amir thought i was just being crazy creepy. but no harm done. case closed. she's pretty though. not like girl next door pretty but celebrity kind of pretty. so basically, she is pretty. i think i'd surpassed my jealousy. wasnt easy but i did it anyway. so, one big applause for me. thank you.

in slumber

i cant really think straight. im half awake and believe me, i cant even see whatever on screen right now. but thats okay. its been awhile. kinda miss blogging. thats why i come back. whenever im in terrible mood, i always come here to escape. i dont really know this place but it made me feel less lonely. last time i check, quite few months i left this place. guess my life wasnt really that bad huh? currently i've been working on my so called diet. no, im not dieting to be skinny fuck. my diet is for a healthy mind. i stop taking junk food which i really love. and its hard but i'll manage. but once in awhile, i took coke which really ruined my diet but what the heck. im half way to self destruction anyway. third year is tough. but whats makes it even harder is when u know u r about to giving up, and no really there for u. yeah, everyone keep telling me they got my back but when im in trouble and i look back, there's no one really. and life is suck. embrace this and move on. thats what i told myself every fucking day.